The Data Problem

The amount of data you're ingesting is ever increasing.  The challenge to rein it in is constantly in flux.  In order to stay competitive you need to be succesful in quickly acquiring the data, parsing, loading, transforming and reporting on it.  We have the tools, solutions and people to help you achive your goals. 

What we offer

Data Management

Conductor offers a rich and powerful, heterogeneous, multi-node, scheduling and workflow management orchestration engine to drive big data ingestion, transformation processing, analytic modeling and reporting workloads.

Database Loaders for Redshift & Snowflake

Most people who have looked at the load process for Amazon Redshift or Snowflake know that loading data is a daunting task.  Our database loaders take away the pain of this process.  Check it out.

IT & Networking Management

Manage the network device and server on-boarding and asset inventory management/lifecycle process.  Understand dependent relationships, impact and outage management.

Industry Products

Industry products for cable, wireless, utilities, retail, health and hospitality. With a 360° view of user, product and market activity as well as access to granular level data, we deliver a new level of intelligence.

Professional Services and Consulting

We have over 18 years of experience building world class data warehouse and Business Intelligence systems. optimization and tuning, data modeling, SQL and BI development and a variety of Hadoop solutions.

Videos and Tutorials

Check out some of our video tutorials YouTube.  Get an inside look at some of the innovations coming from PreClarity.

Wizard Technology

Our Customers


Our newest offering is your "out of the box" data warehouse in the cloud.   CloudCella comes complete with all necessary virtual hardware, a configured cloud data warehouse, as well as business intelligence user interface licenses.   Whether you're looking to replace your end-of-life multi-million dollar Enterprise Data Warehouse system, support short term department requirements , or just want to have a big data sandbox without all the operational hassles,  you should check out CloudCella.

Fun Tidbits

BILLIONS Loaded per Day
File Types we can Parse
Databases Supported
Year we started Big Data

Dedication to Key Skills

Big Data & Hadoop Architecture
Hard Core Programming
Solution Implementations
Thinking Out of the Box

On our big systems we process over 95 billion records a day.  Our parsers can recognize and parse binary, XML, CSV and just about any other type of file you can throw at them.   Conductor supports almost every database that you can connect to with ODBC, JDBC or OLEDB.  Our core team has been in the big data, big system 24x7x365 business for almost 25 years.