Professional Services and Consulting

Professional Services and Consulting

Whether you're looking to augment your staff/team, receive world-class professional services and consulting or you need to outsource a project (or part of one), we can help.   We provide technology services, product engineering, big data and big data system expertise -  including Hadoop.  We have a rich and extensive history of experience with data warehousing,, business intelligence, consulting and analytics.   Our 100% USA based engineering team is well versed in application development services & management including expertise in all of the major programming languages.
We have an experienced "A-Team" of experts in versed in many technologies,  when you hire us for professional services and consulting you get the talent of the entire team, not just an individual.

Our Background

Our professional services and consulting team is comprised of proven industry leaders.  Authors and purveyors of software that provide  parsing, processing,  loading & analyzing tens of billions of records daily.

Looking for proven expertise and big data consulting services? We are those guys.  We have proven long-term engagements with many tier one customers.

Our staff includes veterans of Big Data who cut their teeth on the near-line 1980s technology of optical storage, to one of the first adopters of Netezza. This lead to our use of the MPP, Hadoop and hybrid systems of today. We've written world-class tools like Conductor and brought complete data management solutions to the cloud like CloudCella.  We know the right way to make big data work for you and we have the real-time experience and documented success to back it up.

  • We have deployed the systems and written the software that captures, parses, loads, processes and transforms upwards of 40 billion event records a day.
  • 20+ years of experience in development of  acquisition, parse, load and feed management
  • There is no downtime, these systems function 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

Data Management and Workflow Scheduling

We know how to parse, load and transform data. Our systems process, schedule and manage in excess of 80 BILLION new records per day. We have 15+ years’ experience in development of high performance text (separated and fixed width), binary, xml and ASN.1 parsers able to process tens of billions of records/day. Field customizable table driven parsers with simple/flexible metadata allowing for instant parse and load of new file types. 10+ years’ experience developing Workflow Management and Scheduling systems capable of controlling systems having dozens to hundreds of heterogeneous processing nodes. Implemented multi-mode user, group/role security model supporting independent application level security and fully integrated (LDAP) security. Graphical workflow design palette with jobs implementable in a variety of programming languages (ksh, perl, SQL, java, C# scripting, javascript, custom, etc)

MPP/Big Data Databases & Hadoop

Leaders in Hadoop and MPP integration for Tier One 24x7x265 operations and 10s of billions of event records a day, we have worked with MPP databases since their inception. Our founders purchased the very first production Netezza appliance in the world. Keynote speaker at Netezza industry conference highlighting one of the first new applications built on newest UDF and UDX technologies. Developed hundreds of applications on Netezza and Teradata. We have also developed many hybrid systems that integrate the powerful aspects of MPP databases with the long-term storage and scalability of Hadoop. We've see a lot of big data challenges and would love to help with yours!

BI and Reporting Tools

Microstrategy, Tableau, Cognos and Business Objects. Our projects have enabled us to be well versed in almost every BI tool. We have proven industry experience in deploying metadata models, reports and custom dashboards in MicroStrategy, Tableau Cognos and Business Objects for fortune 100 companies and corporate products

Data Models & Analytics

Analyzing and making sense of data is what we do. We have 20+ years’ experience in development (10+ years’ MPP) and consultation on dozens of data models (OLTP, Analytics, Warehouse, Relational, Dimensional, etc) for a variety of markets and a variety of subject matter. We have developed and published several comprehensive data models and products in-use by top telecom, cable, hospitality and retail companies throughout the world.

SQL Development

We are experts in SQL and stored procedure development We have tuned and optimized hundreds of systems over the years across a variety of database vendors and configurations. We are extremely proficient in MPP, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase SQL, ANSI, Postgress and more. Certified SQL Trainers

Software Development

Our developers are dyed in the wool experts in JavaScript, C#, .NET, Java, REST, Web Technologies & Enterprise Systems. Our products have been written in-house by a very tight group of engineers to tackle huge data problems while being performant and reusable. We are huge fans of agile development,version control and code reuse

Core Skills


How We Do Business

Our approach to doing business is all about getting the job done in the most cost effective manner. We focus on you, your challenges, your prioritites and what needs to be implemented. You'll like our refreshing approach and non bureaucratic style to professional services and consulting. We are located in Western New York, and are accessible  during normal U.S. business hours. To speak to one of the founding members of the company to see what we can do for you, drop us a line