PreClarity Unify Wizard Video

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2015-12-01 Released to YouTube and available to the public. Check out the Unify Wizard video. This short video is just an introduction to the power of the Unify Wizard.

The Unify Wizard picks up where the Input Wizard leaves off, automating the process of moving the loaded data to a star schema with fact and dimension tables. The Unify Wizard uses a drag-and-drop interface to make it easy to setup data flow mappings and transformations from source to target. It will even create the fact and dimension tables automatically and then build the necessary workflows to handle continuous processing of fact records and dimensions as well. Business rules can also be applied during unification to ensure that all data loaded is accurate standardized and semantically correct.

Part of the Wizard Factory, it leverages our Conductor tool to make all data ingest, enrichment, correlation and lifetime management activities very simple. Give the power to your users with visual tools that virtually eliminate coding. We’ve spent years trimming and implementing the hard stuff for you so you can get the job done in just a few steps. We have a rich library of database agnostic helper functions that can be accessed from a visual interface and run across multiple databases. Reuse and save money. Create dynamic transformations and preview within the designer with just one click.