Network Asset Inventory Analysis



PreClarity’s Network Asset and Inventory Analysis system ensures network reliability and transparency by assimilating and correlating disparate enterprise and departmental servers, network devices and software application assets into a common unified view providing consistent lifecycle management, data quality, outage reporting and governance across all systems.  We make IT asset management or any other kind of asset management a breeze.

Most companies are faced with a variety of systems containing information about their internal and external network assets. From routers and servers to applications and databases these systems contain highly relevant and detailed subsets of the enterprise master inventory.  These separate systems are separately managed and are not designed for unified searching, reporting, trending and auditing and certainly don’t enforce centrally managed, rule based quality assurance standards.  This contributes to the common inventory inaccuracy found in all industries which makes it difficult for IT to deal with rogue assets, customer and system outage impacts, remediation of security vulnerabilities and detection of critical assets that are not being monitored in an efficient and timely manner. These issues directly affect network planning, capital and operation expenses and customer experience.

NAIA is available in conjunction with our two base analytical platforms; NetProphet for premise based solutions and CloudCella for cloud based and on demand requirements.

Solution Features

  • With PreClarity’s Network Asset and Inventory Analysis system, customers are able to impart a formal processes to asset on-boarding, management and decommissioning ensuring that that only assets which meet strict corporate naming, IP addressing, versioning, asset location and asset identification standards are allowed to be formally approved into production.
  • Approved assets are automatically promoted into the Network Monitoring System and alerts are generated if any managed device fails rediscovery, undergoes significant configuration changes, is involved in extended outage or is removed/disabled from monitoring.
  • Integration with change management means a clear disclosure of all devices, servers & applications that will be impacted BEFORE any planned reboot, configuration change or maintenance window occurs.
  • Collects and integrates from siloed network monitoring systems and supports visualizing the entire network and mapping outage dependencies (including cross silo assets) reliably.
  • Automatically suspends alarms/alerts for devices predictably failing due to planned periodic maintenance events that are in progress.  Prevents false alarms and reduces NOC workload.
  • System automatically self-corrects accuracy of outage prediction of dependent devices during maintenance events and requires that all dependent devices be restored to service prior to classifying a planned maintenance event as complete.
  • Enhanced outage detection identifies failing devices based on deviations from trends and traffic norms in addition to last gasp and trap/poll responses.

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