Use NetProphet with your own on-premise hardware or virtualized environments  to load data, perform analysis and produce meaningful results immediately!  Tightly integrate with your on-premise data warehouses and enable your development team (or ours) to hit the ground running.  Based on our Conductor platform for data ingest and management.  

Wizard Factory

A breakthrough software functionality that allows customers to easily create, manage and run a data analytical system using simple easy-to-use Wizards that alleviate the tedious and complex processes normally experienced in building a data analytical solution.

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Performance and Reliability

The industry leading Conductor engine is in production with Fortune 500 companies with very high performance and reliability requirements, processing over 100 Billion events per day in a single deployment. The processing nodes scale linearly, and are automatically load balanced for maximum throughput. The system easily scales by adding additional worker node capacity as data volumes grow. An optional clustered environment is available for high availability deployments.