Super Fast SSD Storage for High Peformance

If your disk isn't fast, you can have all the bandwidth in the world and it won't matter. Many solutions out there use an object storage solution which is slow (make sure you check before you buy). NetFTP's hosted service uses fast solid state drives and a real filesystem.

Connect how you want with FTP, SFTP or FTPS

NETFTP supports secure SSH connections. Username/password authentication or public/private key authentication for password-less logins. FTP over SSL Explicit mode (FTPES), and FTP over SSL Implicit mode. Support for client authentication certificates. Works with just about any FTP client.

Secure Data Exchange between Businesses, Groups and People

NetFTP is perfect solution for securely exchanging data with your customers or vendors. Since it is cloud hosted, data is accessible to your clients from anywhere in the world without having to expose your corporate firewall. Each user has their own private secure account and storage folder or can be set up to share.

Long Term Archival & Storage

NetFTP is great for long term storage of historical data, documentation or multimedia files. Securely archive raw production data, aged-off historical warehouse data, or both using inexpensive, off premise storage while ensuring that data is still readily available to meet your customer, corporate or regulatory data retention requirements.

World Class Safe, Secure and Certified

NetFTP hosted services are sourced from SOC1/ISAE 3402 Certified Enterprise Class A Data Centers which are engineered to provide the most reliable, scalable and secure solutions in the Industry. ISO 27017:2015 Certified with 7/24/365 monitoring. Audited by an independent Auditing Firm.

Audit Compliance

Provide instant audit compliance for a fraction of the cost of keeping data online in your data warehouse or live repository and unlike tape, the data is always available and at your fingertips. Since our FTP based services are hosted in the cloud your data is easy to access.

Ready to Get Started with NetFTP?

NetFTP is PreClarity’s cloud hosted  FTP/FTPS/SFTP solution providing highly secure, fully encrypted data exchange (SFTP & FTPS), file upload/download and archive storage. NetFTP comes ready to run with no hardware to buy, configure, upgrade or maintain, allowing you to go from purchase to production in a few hours.  The NetFTP solution is ideal for the following applications and easily scales as your needs evolve.   Get your SFTP or FTP site in the cloud today.   The subscription is monthly so you can turn it up, down or add more if needed. To find out more, just download the NetFTP Product Brief 

Frequently Asked Questions

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