Solutions for Communications Service Providers

Actionable Network & Customer Intelligence for Better Business Decisions and Greater Profitability

PreClarity understands the communications space; the challenges you face and the dynamic complexity of mobile, wireline and M2M (Machine to Machine) environments with high growth in devices, services, content, and the expanding demand for data. Changing technology and migrations from voice and data, 3G to 4G and LTE, DSL and Fiber services increase operational challenges as new features, services and devices are introduced. Rather than just seeing a siloed view of your data, PreClarity NetProphet applications enable you to see all your customers and their interactions across all of the different network topologies and devices.

The PreClarity’s Conductor Big Data Platform makes analysis and report faster, easier, and more user-friendly. Enhance productivity, monitor trends and discover anomalies, and forecast business opportunities. Conductor provides a high performance, scalable enterprise platform capable of delivering deep insight with interactive dashboards and superior analytics. Combined with the our NetProphet industry leading applications, a comprehensive and powerful solution is at the user’s fingertips. Providing capabilities for agile analytics, scorecard and dashboards, enterprise reporting, advanced and predictive analytics the NetProphet solutions master the complex data world simply and effectively.

Knowing what is really happening with your customers, your networks and your operations in the present, the past, and with insight into the future, has become even more important in today’s business environment. Actionable information is vital to stay competitive and profitable.

Customer Experience and Network Analytic Solutions Hand and Hand
  • Network Performance Analytics
  • Capacity Planning and Optimization
  • Network Coverage Analysis
  • Network Leakage Analysis
  • Network Asset Inventory Analytics
  • Network Performance Analytics
  • Capacity Planning and Optimization
  • Network Coverage Analysis
  • Network Leakage Analysis
  • Network Asset Inventory Analytics
Mobile Network Performance Analytics (MNPA)

It is difficult to see gradual and steady performance changes over time, or to associate such changes with other activities occurring throughout the CSP.  NetProphet MNPA assimilates the disparate information and events that continually unfolds and presents an amalgamated operations picture that is tailored for all users ranging from the executive to analyst to the field crew. Correlation and analysis views are generated from across all service delivery platform including 2G, 3G, 4G, voice, data, M2M, Prepaid/Postpaid and for any device supported by the network. Whether its identify network leakage, Smart Phone applications and device performance, network performance, customer experience and loyalty the key data is available to support detailed and summary results in minutes.

Key Features

  • Tailored dashboards illustrating trends and key performance indicators
  • Complete Ah Hoc and robust “On-Demand” analytics
  • Customizable user interface based on role or individual needs and preferences
  • Range of viewing environments from the wall in the control room to the tablet in the field.
  • Definable Alert based alarming and reporting

Integrates data and event streams from any intelligent electronic device or data source. Integrates with BSS and OSS to provide True 360 view with multiple layers that include 2G, 3G and 4G and source systems such as:

  • Switches and Gateway
  • Network Management Systems
  • Network Probes and Deep Packet Inspection
  • Inventory and Asset Management Systems
  • Work Force Management
  • Devices  - basic phones, tablets, smart phones, mobile WiFi


Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions reveal your customers’ true experiences, enabling your entire organization to take action to resolve issues. This helps to improve customer retention and boost revenues through increased data usage. NetProphet CEM is designed to provide a Single Unifed View (SUV) of every single subscriber on your network both at the detail event level and summarized and compared for trending and peer group analysis. The solution includes customer-centric reports and dashboards based on customer experience key performance indicators, and actions for improving the customer experience.

Scoring: Every single event is authenticated, tracked and scored for evaluation, reporting and audting purposes. Our unique design allows us to score each event even for 10s of billions of records per day. These scored events are then rolled up by dimension and provide a wealth of KPIs and KQIs for evaluating a subscribers unique experience.

Single Unified View: By analyzing all aspects (2G, 3G, LTE, handset, tower, etc.) true CEM issues .Key to effective CEM is the ability to discern both individual performance characteristics and collateral performance issues. An example use case is a customer who complains about poor battery and data performance on weekends. The real issue turns out to be their home cell tower is having fall back issues and their handset is falling back to 2G for abnormally long periods of time. At work the cell towers are performing normally and the subscriber is seeing the value of the LTE network. By accessing all activity and locations the real problem can be easily determined.

CE Network Coverage Analysis Option

Using additional data on location and Care inputs a rich analysis can be provided to determine subscribers that have coverage issues in specific regions such as their home. How many times have you heard hold on I have to move as I get terrible coverage at my house? The analysis provides a target list that can be utilized by Care and Marketing in conjunction with retention campaigns to proactively retain subscribers or on a call-in basis to reduce churn.

Network Asset Inventory Analysis (NAIA)

PreClarity’s NetProphet NAIA system ensures enterprise network reliability and transparency by assimilating and correlating disparate enterprise and departmental servers, network devices and software application assets into a common unified view providing consistent lifecycle management, data quality, outage reporting and governance across all systems.