Operations Intelligence Center

PreClarity’s Operations Intelligence Center (OIC)

Provides a complete, unified operations intelligence picture across your utility.

360 View

The advent of the Smart Grid has increased the volumes of information and event data sent to utilities by an order of magnitude. The NetProphet OIC sifts through the multiple data and event streams and intelligently compares, validates and correlates information to detect key performance trends and patterns, revealing problems before your business is impacted.

Whether you are responding to outages, managing demand, maintaining your Smart Grid infrastructure or introducing new programs to customers, NetProphet OIC provides a 360 view to help make better decisions and drive new efficiencies that result in enhanced service and customer satisfaction.

Strategic and Tactical Intelligence

NetProphet OIC works 24 x 7 x 365 across your utility to support both strategic and tactical operations.

If your annual operating plan includes optimizing network design to enact voltage control, driving CAIDI and SAIDI improvements to meet regulatory objectives or simply maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, the NetProphet OIC will monitor and assess system performance and consumer behavior around the clock and provide guidance to adjust course or enact new policies that ensure strategic objectives are met.

For immediate needs such as restoring power, implementing curtailment events or diagnosing network breakdowns, the NetProphet OIC immediately correlates events and provides real-time situational intelligence that removes guesswork and expedites resolution.

Making the Complex Simple

The speed and variety of Smart Grid data can be overwhelming, particularly when decisions must be made in the heat of the moment. And with new sources of information, including customers, operators are often presented multiple versions of the truth that confuse the situation and delay resolution. NetProphet OIC reconciles all information so operators have the intelligence they need in a timely manner – with one version of the truth.

It is difficult to recognize gradual and steady performance changes over time, or to associate such changes with other activities occurring throughout the utility. NetProphet OIC assimilates the disparate information and events that continually unfold and presents an amalgamated operations picture tailored for users, from the executive, to the control room operator, to the field crew.

The Bottom Line

Rely on the expertise that developed the first analytics systems for big data to provide you with the most complete and accurate operations picture. NetProphet OIC allows you to fully leverage your Smart Grid investments.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrates data and event streams from any intelligent electronic device, including smart meters, control apparatus or fault indicators
  • Integrates with GIS to provide a geospatial view, with multiple layers that toggle on/off, such as:
    • o Electricity, gas and water networks
    • o Smart meter communications network
    • o Alarms
    • o Weather
    • o Traffic
    • o Fleet vehicle location/status
    • o Worker location/status
    • Tailored dashboards illustrating trends and key performance indicators
    • Customizable user interface based on role or individual needs and preferences
    • Range of viewing environments, from the wall in the control room to the tablet in the field
    • Forwards recommendations such as work requests with related details to appropriate systems for action