NP Smart Grid Communications Network Analysis

NetProphet Smart Grid Communications Network Analysis

Optimize Your Smart Grid. Maximize ROI

PreClarity’s NetProphet Smart Grid Communications Analyst (SGA) application oversees and assists with the monitoring, operations and maintenance of smart grid communications networks and meter assets.

Smart Grid communications networks introduce a complex infrastructure that utilities must either oversee or operate and maintain to ensure service level compliance. Furthermore, networks can be affected by a host of seemingly unrelated factors, such as weather, power supply and neighboring radio systems.

When networks or meters deteriorate over time or fail catastrophically, tools are needed to examine disparate factors, correlate history and events, and derive actionable information to provide early warning of and avoid potential disruptions. Utilities must be mindful of their Smart Grid communications networks as they become intrinsic to daily operations, essential for service restoration, and vital for customer engagement.

From the beginning of a smart meter deployment, NetProphet SGA helps optimize network performance, troubleshoot communications and meters, identify system degradation before operations are impacted and improve field force efficiency. By correlating network configuration with usage, weather, radio attributes and other data, NetProphet SGA identifies points of congestion or vulnerability that can proactively be addressed to maximize uptime and meter reading reliability.

Detecting and fixing acute and chronic problems takes minutes or hours instead of days or weeks, as NetProphet SGA automates the necessary complex analysis. If a new view into the various data or event streams is required, NetProphet SGA can easily be modified to accommodate evolving circumstances. Once the disparate data is transformed into actionable intelligence, the Smart Analyst application feeds that intelligence to related systems for action so your smart meters and other connected assets stay online 24×7.

 Key Features and Benefits

  • Maximize network reliability and reduce maintenance costs by identifying opportunities to optimize network configuration and throughput
  • Keep smart meter deployments on schedule and on budget by monitoring provisioning status, optimizing field work, tracking consumer opt-outs, and collaborating closely with deployment services organizations
  • Manage risk when upgrading networks and meters by tracking upgrades and validating resulting performance
  • Identify significant meter and other communications failure trends prior to operations being materially impacted
  • Reduce maintenance costs with comprehensive failure analysis and quick diagnosis
  • Reduce costs of ad hoc meter reading operations resulting from malfunctioning communications
  • Manage smart meter audits to verify meter performance and reduce billing anomalies
  • Improve worker confidence and productivity with better network and meter asset data quality

Continuously improve network management with ongoing additions of new O&M methods/processes