NetProphet Customer Experience and Outage Notification

NetProphet Outage Notification

Improve System Reliability and Stakeholder Confidence

PreClarity’s NetProphet Outage Notification (ON) application provides situational intelligence to expedite service restoration, facilitate customer notification, report key outage metrics and identify opportunities to improve system reliability and customer experience.

Restoring power is a regular, critical activity for utilities. Today, utilities have many sources reporting on the state of power throughout their systems, including customers, SCADA, smart meters, field crews, fault indicators and many other connected devices.

Traditional outage management systems (OMS) can’t process the large number of outage reports generated by the Smart Grid; data must first be filtered or aggregated, reducing the potential intelligence value. Post-restoration, utilities report key metrics based on diluted data; valuable post-outage analysis is often not performed due to the effort required to sift through records and detect patterns that indicate the root cause and suggest preventative measures.

NetProphet OR augments OMS with a complete intelligence picture that indicates the state of power at every service location, the quality of the information, and indications of fault location and nested outages. This allows field crews to proceed directly to the problem location for resolution and Control Room teams to quickly confirm the entire circuit is online prior to the field crews departing the area.

By continually monitoring field work and correlating against historic trends and other factors, NetProphet OR provides the most accurate restoration estimates (ETOR) for customer notification. By taking advantage of all intelligence provided by your Smart Grid, the Outage Response application provides more accurate and timely CAIDI and SAIDI reports. Post outage, the operations team can use NetProphet OR to review grid activity leading to the outage event, identify root cause or precursor symptoms and implement preventative measures that lead to higher reliability.

 Key Features and Benefits

  • Displays a complete real-time intelligence picture (geospatial and dashboards) of outage events, including each service location
  • Improves decision making of field crews and directors by compiling and reconciling outage reports to provide power status – with a confidence indicator – for each grid node
  • Reports service restoration in real-time, and facilitates confirmation via AMI system
  • Forwards intelligence to work management system to provide field crews a complete situational picture to facilitate restoration activities
  • Improves customer satisfaction and reduces customer service calls with more accurate ETOR provided to IVR and other customer-engagement systems
  • Instills confidence in regulators and other stakeholders with accurate and transparent SAIDI and CAIDI calculations
  • Avoids false alarms and unnecessary truck rolls by coordinating planned outages
  • Correlates information from OMS, SCADA, AMI, Asset Management, weather and other sources to identify and address potential grid vulnerabilities and avoid additional outages
  • Performs post-recovery review to improve outage response or other O&M processes or policies
  • Builds outage knowledge base with information about factors such as weather, asset condition, load patterns, momentary outages, season and vegetation for 24x7x365 system monitoring to detect and locate problems before they result in outages