NetProphet Demand Response

NetProphet Intelligent Demand Response

Maintaining Capacity Margin and a Strong Bottom Line

PreClarity’s Intelligent Demand Response (IDR) application provides intelligence to manage capacity margin, optimize demand response programs, and analyze curtailment events for maximum success.

Peak load reduction programs require significant effort and investment simply to curtail load for a few hours each year. A complete understanding of demand history, consumer behavior, weather, load shedding infrastructure and communications network performance is required to optimize consumer demand response programs and ensure each curtailment event meets load reduction objectives.

Utilities need tools that combine these key factors into a complete intelligence picture and enables them to optimize the demand response program, maximize ROI of load shedding infrastructure, avoid expensive spot market purchases and satisfy obligations to wholesale suppliers and other stakeholders.

The NetProphet IDR application correlates historic demand and supply-side behavior with weather and other factors, letting utilities know when capacity margin must be bolstered.  By combining data streams from AMI, SCADA, and other sources, PreClarity’s NetProphet IDR application provides a complete geospatial and intelligence picture of circuit/system load and available curtailment capacity, and recommends which group(s) be curtailed based on reduction requirements and participation record.

NetProphet IDR audits curtailment events to verify contributing consumers or to identify those non-compliant with reduction obligations. The NetProphet IDR application remains vigilant before, during and after peak events to ensure the power is always on, while protecting the financial and environmental bottom line.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Displays complete intelligence picture (geospatial and dashboards) of capacity margin and available load to shed, and monitors curtailment events in real-time
  • Maintains adequate capacity margin during peak loads while avoiding expensive power purchases or customer disruptions
  • Maintains high customer satisfaction by optimizing demand response program and curtailing participants equitably
  • Provides early warning of periods when capacity margin may fall below allowable thresholds
  • Avoids additional investments in generation or commitments to wholesale supply
  • Facilitates active or voluntary curtailment programs
  • Provides detailed reports identifying individual contributors and potential evaders Accurately assess network health, monitor for fraud, perform sophisticated grid control, and pro-actively respond to problems before they escalate
  • Measure and track the performance of smart grid networks, correlating and analyzing billions of bits of real-time and historical data
  • Access information anywhere, anytime through a convenient web based view
  • Track Smart Grid performance and optimize operations