Data Analytics for Utilities

The Smart Grid has greatly improved the automation capability of utilities, and a wealth of data that once sorted, reconciled, correlated and analyzed offers tremendous intelligence value.  However,  the wide variety of legacy data systems, suboptimal integration, and availability of technologies capable of processing the increasing data volume can impede value realization.  Utilities are now in the big data arena and PreClarity provides a number of solutions that can help with big data analytics for utilities.

NP Operations Intelligence Center

NP OIC provides a complete, unified operations intelligence picture across your utility. OIC sifts through the multiple data and event streams and intelligently compares, validates and correlates information to detect key performance trends and patterns, revealing problems before your business is impacted.

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NP Intelligent Asset Inventory Management

NP’s IAM ensures network reliability and transparency by assimilating and correlating disparate enterprise and departmental servers, network devices and software application assets into a common unified view providing consistent lifecycle management, data quality, outage reporting and governance across all systems.

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NP CEM and Outage Notification

Outage Notification application provides situational intelligence to expedite service restoration, facilitate customer notification, report key outage metrics and identify opportunities to improve system reliability and customer experience. A key component to data analytics.

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NP Intelligent Demand Response

NP IDR application correlates historic demand and supply-side behavior with weather and other factors. IDR displays a complete intelligence picture of capacity margin and available load to shed, and monitors curtailment events in real-time

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NP Smart Grid Communications Analyst

Utilities must be mindful of their Smart Grid communications networks as they become intrinsic to daily operations, essential for service restoration, and vital for customer engagement.

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Minimize Operating Costs with CloudCella

All NP Products can run on CloudCella, our cloud hosted data warehouse that includes everything you need for high performance, production-ready, business intelligence and analytics in the cloud. CloudCella comes pre-installed and ready to run with no hardware to buy, configure, upgrade or maintain.

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Smart Grid Intelligence and Analytics for Advanced Utility Operations

PreClarity’s NetProphet suite of applications provides industry specific enterprise and use cases requirements.  All NetProphet solutions include PreClarity’s Conductor  a seamless integrated big data analytics platform.  PreClarity's Conductor harnesses the Wizard Factory which reduces  provisioning and deployment to hours instead of weeks. All applications are delivered using a very intuitive and simple to use  BI tool or can be integrated with standard operating environments and is supported by all major database vendors. We provide demonstration trials and can show you how easy  and simple it is to manage your data requirements and get valued analytics from your utility.  We offer both an on premise and CloudCella (cloud based),  subscription delivery model to meet your operational and financial short term and long term expense models.

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