Solutions for Cable Operators

    Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence for Better Business Decisions and Greater Profitability

Improving customer experience, reducing churn and risk, maximizing advertising revenue, and managing bandwidth are critical to improve profitability. To address these  proficiently requires a depth of knowledge about your business and your customers that is available with advanced analytics and business intelligence. We help bridge the information gaps between video, voice, and broadband into a Single Unified View. Our experience in network, operational and customer information systems combined with our Big Data platform provides the foundation of our cable data analytic solutions. With systems deployed in top 5 cable and wireless providers PreClarity’s analytics are fully able to meet Tier 1 performance expertly, efficiently and economically.

Customer Experience and Network Analytic Solutions Hand and Hand
Network Asset Inventory Analysis (NAIA)

PreClarity’s NAIA system ensures enterprise network reliability and transparency by assimilating and correlating disparate enterprise and departmental servers, network devices and software application assets into a common unified view providing consistent lifecycle management, data quality, outage reporting and governance across all systems.



Network Impact Analysis (NIA)

Many service providers support a number of network inventory sources supporting various services including asset inventory, network monitoring, CRM, CMDB and others, Our NIA solution provides monitoring, analysis and reporting of all service networks (e.g. DOCSIS, Fiber) over the entire network inventory and customer information systems into a single unified view. Searchable by either equipment or customer ID to provide a comprehensive view of customer impacting issues whether planned or unplanned.


Network Monitoring (NetMon)

Netmon is an optional NIA reporting module that provides internal and customer analytics on the network performance of the NIA monitored assets. The applications reports bandwidth utilization, reliability data, status updates and customer preferences. It also provides a communications module that supports customer notifications via email, text, IVR all managed from a central command center. Internal users are provided in depth detail data and external users are provided summarized access data typically via the service provide customer portal.


Audience Measurement (AM)

Cable operators are seeking to harness viewing data from the set-top boxes and streaming apps used by its millions of cable-TV subscribers to create products it can for customer experience, ad sales and revenue optimization. In addition the data has incredible value to license to other companies. PreClarity’s AM system tracks any view, regardless of platform or ad format. Plus, it will track how many people are seeing the ads, whether those ads appear in a linear stream or are dynamically inserted into programs. Our solution is in production with the largest carrier tracking over 100 billion mobile events per day and supporting over 50M devices in a single instance. PreClarity’s long mobile wireless experience provides a depth and ability to evaluate OTT untethered devices such as tablets and phones, combined with our high performance Big Data Platform Conductor and cable network ready systems make us a perfect solution fit for your Audience Measurement solution.