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Breakthrough software functionality allows you to easily create, manage and run a data analytical system. Easy-to-use Wizards alleviate the tedious and complex processes normally experienced in building a data analytical solution.

You'll be Up and Running Today

Load spreadsheets and customer data from your CRM system with a few mouse clicks using our Input Wizard. Your CloudCella system will be ready to go within hours of your order and with our exclusive Wizards Factory you’ll have results within hours. Choose from monthly on-demand, or annual subscriptions.

No Database, Hardware, Reporting or Tools to Buy

A complete data management solution in the cloud. Includes all hardware, a powerful data warehouse & BI reporting tools. Our Conductor tool (included) allows easy workload automation, job scheduling, query, analyze and use your data in ways never thought possible.

There's Always Enough Power

CloudCella is one of the most powerful data analytical solutions on the market — self-contained in a single seamless product. The database, ELT and BI tools are included. Adding disk, CPU or RAM is easy with no downtime or data migration.

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Product Brief/What's Included

CloudCella - Your Data Warehouse in the Cloud

CloudCella is PreClarity’s turn-key, cloud hosted data warehouse that includes everything you need for high performance, production-ready, self-service data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics in the cloud. CloudCella comes pre-installed and ready to run with no hardware to buy, configure, upgrade or maintain, allowing you to go from purchase to production in a few hours.  In short, it is your data warehouse in the cloud.  It contains a powerful hosted database in the cloud, plus all the tools you need to parse, load, transform and report on your data.    All in one neat package.

Our solution is beginner friendly and expert ready with tutorials, a step by step methodology, and built in wizards to simplify and accelerate data warehouse product development to hours, instead of months. We make it easy for the beginner to succeed with wizards that walk you through the entire process from data extraction to summary and reporting, while giving the expert in you the unencumbered ability to get your work done.   If you're looking for a solution that includes a cloud based database and provides the BI, ETL, alerting and process management tools you need (and more) in a monthly subscription, think CloudCella.

For more see our list of CloudCella Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)