Conductor User Interface

Conductor User Interface

See the sections below for user interface examples and screenshots.

Conductor Desktop

The desktop is the main navigation interface, a simple menu driven system launches a tabbed interface of utilities much like a modern browser.

Conductor Desktop

Workflow Editor

The workflow editor and scheduling engine is the lynchpin of the system.  Create powerful process driven with ease.   A flexible parameter/variable based system allows code reuse and doesn’t lock you into defined un-editable templates like many systems.   Native access to any database are supported right through the code window.  No cumbersome dialogs and complicated setup to connect to any of your databases.

Workflow Editor

A workflow can be scheduled with many options.


Workflow Status

The Workflow status screen shows all of the current processing across all the nodes in the system.  User’s can completely control the workflow and individual task execution from one centralized place.

Workflow Status

Viewing of log files for any workflow is centralized and viewed with ease.

View Workflow Log