Do Cloud Based MPP Data Warehouse Databases Matter?

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Do Cloud Based MPP Data Warehouse Databases Matter?

Back in November of 2012, Amazon started quite a buzz with their announcement of RedShift, a cloud based, pay by the hour, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) database.  This article in Computerworld, highlighted the announcement and the era of cloud based data warehouses had begun.  But today, do cloud based MPP data warehouse databases matter?

MPP Cube: cloud based mpp data warehouse databases matterFast forward to 2016 and RedShift continues to be gaining adoption and Amazon continues to be actively providing service updates and features at a modest pace.

But, with all of the storage options available today for data persistence and search, do cloud based MPP Data Warehouse databases still matter?  After all, everyone is adopting Hadoop or migrating to other no SQL solutions.  Right?

Well, actually, no.  According to Gartner research, “future demand for Hadoop looks fairly anemic over at least the next 24 months.”  Why?  The skills gap and high costs are the primary reasons cited.  Read the article for more insight at

It turns out that Hadoop is just plain harder and more costly to implement than people once thought.  The early adopters have gone through the pain and expense and based on their experience, “don’t appear to be championing for substantial Hadoop adoption over the next 24 months.” Hadoop-Hammer: cloud based mpp data warehouse databases matter

The problem is that when the industry is enticed by what is touted as an inexpensive and effective technology “hammer,” everything looks like a nail.  Does that mean we shouldn’t be bullish on Hadoop?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Hadoop is an excellent and revolutionary solution for many enterprise data processing, storage, sharing and scalability problems.  Its applicability to new problem sets continues to grow with every new release.

But, if you are just starting out on your Hadoop journey, be sure to work with a qualified partner who understands the right way to make big data work for you.  Partners should have the years of experience and documented successes to back it up. Make smart technology and project choices and be sure not to overlook other excellent, mature, cost effective and reliable technologies such as MPPs and columnar databases in the mad dash for the finish line.

Eric Masur is the CTO of PreClarity Inc.  PreClarity’s products include the Conductor data management platform for Hadoop and MPP’s.  Check them out at eric: cloud based mpp data warehouse databases matter