Management Team

President and CEO

robert_becklundBob Becklund is Co-founder, President and CEO of PreClarity, with over 25 years of experience in high technology industries. He has been involved in the successful launch of a number of leading edge industry firsts such as cellular fraud control, digital radio and wireless location. His background originated in RF engineering design, product management, and business development for the defense industry. He later led commercial communications efforts at Watkins-Johnson, the Associated Group (ACC/ART), Codem Systems, 3Com(CallTechnologies), and Vibrant Solutions. Mr. Becklund co-founded 10e Solutions in 2003 to develop customer and product profitability solutions. The company was successfully sold to Telesciences in 2007. Based on technology developments identified starting in early 2000’s and continuing into the current era his vision was to bring the marriage of exceptional domain expertise and high performance technology to the market through PreClarity.

Chief Operating Officer

rick_mahsounRick Mahuson is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of PreClarity. Mr. Mahuson has a 25 year history of developing products and managing software companies that are focused on the telecommunications market. He held senior engineering roles at Computer Console, Inc. before founding InformationView in 1991, where he served as CEO and CTO until 2003. Rick led InformationView to $15M in sales and raised $23M in private equity. InformationView was recognized as a top Rochester, NY growth company for three consecutive years. More recently, Mr. Mahuson co-founded 10e Solutions in 2003 to develop customer and product profitability solutions. The company was successfully sold to Telesciences in 2007. Today, Mr. Mahuson leads the technology design, architecture, and patent investment portfolio within PreClarity.

Chief Technology Officer

eric Eric Masur is Chief Technical Officer of PreClarity. Mr. Masur has been designing solutions for massively parallel processing (MPP) databases since 2002 and is a recognized industry leader in big data warehousing and analytics. His career in software engineering and design began in 1989 developing 911 fault tolerant call processing systems for Nortel and later developing geographically distributed, CTI enabled call center systems for CitiGroup. Mr. Masur was the founder of Shadowscape, an engineering design and development company and made significant contributions to the remote metering and distributed data collection methods still in use today by major gas, electric and water utilities and telecommunications products. He continued his career in technical and product leadership roles developing several industry leading big data ingestion, warehousing and analytics systems at Vibrant Solutions (formerly Informationview) and Ventraq (formerly 10e Solutions). He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology and was honored by RIT with his induction into the Mark Ellingson Association.

Vice President Engineering

Daryl_Pietrocarlo  Daryl Pietrocarlo is the Vice President, Engineering of PreClarity, with responsibilities for all aspects of the company’s engineering product development. Since the mid-90’s Mr. Pietrocarlo has had many design and coding accomplishments by means of several different platforms, technologies and programming languages. These endeavors have focused on the development of business intelligence, web, desktop and server applications for critical and highly scalable 24x7x365 massively parallel processing (MPP) based systems. Prior to joining PreClarity, he held several technical and senior management roles in the design and development of large scale software systems at Vibrant Solutions, Ventraq and ShadowScape Technologies. He began his career creating leading-edge telephony systems for Nortel Networks.

Mr. Pietrocarlo enjoys learning and implementing applications using the ever changing array of technologies. He believes that no one technology has all the answers and even those that can be perceived as competing technologies can work together to bring about the best solution possible. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Vice President Industry Consulting

matt_castillo As Vice President of Industry Consulting at PreClarity Communications, Matthew Costello leverages his broad industry expertise across all of PreClarity’s markets, including wireless, cable and utilities. Utilizing a rare mix of technical acumen and hands-on business expertise, he works in close collaboration with the rest of the organization to set the direction of PreClarity’s products and services. Matthew also assists the sales and technical teams in advising on analytics solutions that fit the needs of our clients and prospects. Before joining PreClarity, Mr. Costello was Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Openet, a Dublin based provider of service optimization software. Prior to his work at Openet, Matthew was the Chief Technology Officer of Wisor Telecom, which produces order management, provisioning, service management, and quality assurance systems used by wireless and wireline carriers. Wisor was purchased by Synchronoss in 2008.