About Us

We help you run a smarter business.  We are an analytics and business intelligence solution provider that delivers valuable customer, business  and operational insight to telecommunications providers, cable operator,  utilities and many other industries across the globe. We help our customers to gain a better understanding of their business, their networks, and their customers; providing the expert consulting, analysis and insight needed to drive better decisions, improve performance and generate a more profitable bottom line.   Our time tested tools and software are best of breed in data ingest, load and management.

Our team is comprised of proven industry leaders.  Authors and purveyors of software that provide  parsing, processing,  loading & analyzing tens of billions of records daily for fortune 500 companies around the world.

Our staff includes veterans of Big Data who cut their teeth on the near-line 1980s technology of optical storage, to one of the first adopters of Netezza and on to the MPP,  Hadoop and hybrid systems of today.  We know the right way to make big data work for you and we have the real-time experience and documented success to back it up.

  • Proven customer implementations around the globe with Fortune 100 companies
  • We have deployed the systems and written the software that captures, parses, loads, processes and transforms close to 100 billion event records a day
  • 10+ years of experience in development of  acquisition, parse, load and feed management
  • There is no downtime, these systems function 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • A dedicated core and management staff that has been working together for over 20 years

Unlike other analytics and big data companies, our team of industry experts also understand the unique demands of your business,and how to leverage the power of data to help run a more efficient and profitable business.  Having access to data isn’t enough- it’s knowing what to do with it that matters.  We know the tools, we have a strategy and we understand your business.

Corporate Vision

At PreClarity our core group of people have been working together for over 20 years.  We are more than just core workers and have a steady and united Corporate Vision of   Leveraging the Power of Data to Build a Better Business.

The world is in the midst of a data revolution; a disruptive and transformative phase that is impacting the way we communicate and live our lives. One where ideology and technology are coming together to deliver services we could only dream about a few years ago. From smartphones to smart grids, technology has changed the way we live our lives, with each mouse click or press of a button leaving a data trail of information.

All of these new activities and services are generating billions of data transactions every day, to the point that network and utility operators are being buried in information. But each transaction is valuable – providing an opportunity to learn a little more about your customers, your services and your business. The challenge comes not just in managing the mountains of data, but in knowing what questions to ask – how to derive intelligence to build a better business.

PreClarity is committed to providing companies around the globe with a set of solutions that drive better business decisions, improve performance and generate a more profitable bottom line in order to become leaders in their markets. Our vision of the future has become reality; a smarter world where bits and bytes are improving how we live our lives. Where complex business decisions can be made quickly and accurately, where intelligence is derived and turned into action, and where the new competitive differentiator is the ability to understand and leverage big data.